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    The glow of natural beauty...

    Nourishes the skin & fights aging by renewing skin cells..

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    Nourishing Face Cream...

    Fresh & healthy skin that makes you more Glowy.

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    Rich Touch of nature

    Unleash your inner beauty with our natural products…


From the deep nature to your skin...

We started our journey from the heart of Istanbul in 2019, searching for the purest and most effective natural materials for the freshness and purity of the skin (oils, herbs, flowers, fruits...), and we worked on employing the highest scientific standards with a touch of experience and mastery, to extract and apply a variety of soft and gentle natural blends. on the epidermis. To offer you the finest and best cosmetics and personal care products, so that you can enjoy pure, soft, brighter and more vibrant skin.

Alamar Goals

Our sustained passion...

Spreading pure and glowing natural beauty everywhere, as we fulfill our promises to you in providing the highest quality and most reliable natural cosmetics, Alamar Naturals becomes an ambassador of natural beauty to the world.


Alamar Naturals Standards

  • Incorporating the idea of natural skin care products with the highest international beauty standards, using only pure natural ingredients.

  • Guarantee the achievement of quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing journey, starting from the selection of natural ingredients, ending with environment friendly packaging.

  • Employing technology ,experience, professionalism, and the quality of raw and natural materials.

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Natural Essential Oils

Characterized by their pleasant aroma, which work to penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Environment Friendly Packaging

We use safer packaging for the environment, which can be easily recycled without harming and polluting the environment.

Revealing Nature's Beauty

Our Values

Natural beauty begins with an effective care routine, we have worked to manufacture highly effective cosmetics care products with natural and aromatic ingredients, keeps your skin moisturized and safe…

Social Responsibility

We believe that natural beauty is our main priority as we have committed to fulfilling our social responsibility during the journey of our products manufacturing.


By creating products with a green impact on the environment, we emphasize the importance of protecting nature, and prevent harming it or disturbing its balance.

Research and Development

Striving to provide the best and finest natural personal care products, relying on the latest scientific manufacturing technologies.


Featured Products

Delicately derived from nature's own nourishing ingredients, providing meticulous care for your skin

Nourishing face cream

The best choice for your daily skin care routine Soothing and moisturizing, rejuvenating and anti-aging

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